Musical Instrument Sites

Bow Re-Hair - Violin Maker & Repairer. Gerard KilBride - gerardkilbride.com - 07989 405703

Organ Repair. Wintle Organs - www.wintleorgans.com

Guitar and Amp Tech -Steve Ward - www.wardguitars.co.uk

International Concertina Association - concertina.org

Rees Wesson Melodeons www.melodeons.com

Piano accordions - Melodeons - www.squeezeboxmarketplace.com

Piano Accordion repair (Bristol) Edward Jay - 07880 541860

Melodeon repair - Dave 07989 601302 - (Bristol area)

Djembe repairs - joliba-drums.co.uk

Piano Accordion repair (Narbeth) - georgewhitfield.co.uk

Small Harps www.telynaufach.com

Handmade Violins www.timsviolins.co.uk

Music lessons with Steve Rowley via Skype in Whistle, Tabor pipe, Concertina 01453 763181

Fiddle / Guitar Tuition - Mike Leese - 01633 871838

Paradox PA Hire - Owen Leese - 07932 376604

Pibgorn by Gafin Morgan - www.pibgorn.co.uk

Handmade bagpipes - www.jonesinstruments.co.uk

Pibgorn by John Tose - John Tose

Drum Tuition South Wales www.onlydrumsaloud.com

Whistles www.tonydixonmusic.co.uk

Handmade Guitars www.colinkendallguitars.co.uk

Handmade Woodwind www.bleazey.co.uk

Cas Davey Handmade Guitars/Mandolins www.daveymandolins.co.uk

Guide to Folk Instrument Makers www.hayzee.com

Concertina.net - Everything about concertinas... www.concertina.net

The Taborers Society www.pipeandtabor.org

Piano Tuning / Moving. Newport www.paulspianos.co.uk

Brass Instrument Repairs - www.deniswedgwood.com

Custys Music, Ennis - www.custysmusic.com

McNeela Music, Dublin - www.mcneelamusic.com

Folk Music Sites

Avanc - avanc

Mari Mathias - marimathiasmusic

Vri - www.vri.cymru

Imar - www.imarband.com

Rusty Shackle - www.rustyshackle.com

Bethan Nia - Harpist & Singer www.bethannia.co.uk

Mec Lir - www.meclir.com

Cornish folk arts www.an-daras.com

Dragon's Breath - Twmpath/Ceilidh - www.dragons-breath.co.uk

RUFF Ceilidh Dances www.ruffceilidhs.org

Folk development organisation for Wales. www.trac-cymru.org

Calan www.calan-band.com

The Sealed Knot www.thesealedknot.org.uk

The Original Re-enactors Market www.reenactorsmarket.co.uk

Robin & Bina Williamson - www.pigswhiskermusic.co.uk

Other Sites

Busy Bees Patchwork www.busybeespatchwork.com

Brinley Williams www.brinleywilliams.co.uk

Isca Woodcrafts www.iscawoodcrafts.co.uk

Sero Waste  www.serozerowaste.com