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BREXIT : When ordering from overseas please check sales tax and customs duties in your area.


Tel: ++44 (0) 1633 815612   Email:

No deposit taken, payment in full when your drum is ready.

We accept payment by direct bank transfer or cash.

Sorry we do not accept Debit or Credit Cards.

Please do not send any payments until requested to do so. Thank you.

10" x 10" £230
12" x 12" £260
14" x 14" £295
16" x 16" £330
18" x 18" £380
20" x 20" £420


Rope Tensioned Drums

Hoops or lapped skins.
Off the shelf or made to order.
Sizes quoted are internal dimensions
i.e. Operating volume of the drum.



from £80


The Tabwrdd
A Traditional Welsh Drum

Drawings discovered by Cass Meurig.
From records of Rev. Meredith Morris.
He was also a talented instrument maker
from the Cwm Gwaun Valley, who saw this drum
being played at funerals in Wales around the turn of the centuary.

The barrel is approx six inches deep with
six one inch holes running around the centre of the barrel.
A wooden cross piece with two pine baffles on either side
is fixed to the inside of the drum.
Goat skins on either end, finish off this interesting drum.

14“ Tabwrdd - £295

16” Tabwrdd - £330
18” Tabwrdd - £380
20”  Tabwrdd - £420



14" x 14" Drum
16" x 16" Drum
16" Tabwrdd

Click on bottom right of video for sound.

Recorded on Iphone with no other microphones.

Click on bottom right of video for sound.

Recorded on Iphone with no other microphones.

Click on bottom right of video for sound.

Recorded on Iphone with no other microphones.


Drum Options
Synthetic Gut Snares with wooden wedge £30 
Synthetic Gut Snares with brass adjuster £60
Drums can be stained or painted to your requirments.

Colour Ral Paint Chart

Custom paint colours + £10 each colour
Any extra paintwork (i.e. Dogtooth or Flame designs), from £60+

Bucknell Tabors

10" Solid Woods £200
12" Solid Woods £230
14" Solid Woods £260
including single snare


12" Bucknell Tabor pictured

complete with Rowley-Cox custom stick £260.00


Rowley-Cox Tabor Sticks £30 each

designs will vary as individually hand turned


Natural Stains

Drum Repairs

Lapping skin to flesh hoops         
Reroping  (from)     
Fitting new buffs    


Drum Parts  

Rope Hempoline, Hemp, White or Black     
Buffs set of 8             
Flesh hoops  (from)                   
Skins  (from)         

Drum Accessories

Mallets leather covered beater       
Drum sticks standard                  
Drum sticks hand turned          
Drum sticks hand turned - leather tips   


Leather Carrying Straps

1.75” Leather Buckled     

2" Leather Buckled      

£20 pair



£1 per mt


£10 each
£18 each



£14 each
£10 pair
£30 pair

£40 pair  






How to measure for your strap.

Heavy weight hand turned drum sticks

23mm at butt end

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