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Traveller Anglo


Standard Anglo           Traveller Anglo

At only five inches across the flats,
the Traveller Anglo is a 21 key instrument
including the all important C#/Eb accidental
giving you the capability of playing in C, G, D, Em & Am

making this a versatile addition for any Anglo player.

Ideal for travelling whilst on holiday or at work.

Size of a Piccolo with the same reeds & pitch as our Standard Anglo Concertinas*

Wooden ends
7 fold leather bellows

Hand sewn leather handstraps
21 High grade aluminium buttons
Italian TAM steel reeds
C/G with C#/Eb accidental
Complete with deluxe gig bag

Tel: ++44 (0) 1633 815612   Email:

No deposit taken, payment in full when your concertina is ready.

We accept payment by direct bank transfer or cash.

Sorry we do not accept Debit or Credit Cards.

Please do not send any payments until requested to do so. Thank you.

* Concertina weights are approximate.

*Traveller Anglo has one accidental key on right hand side.

The C and G rows are the same as the Standard Anglo Concertina.

BREXIT : When ordering from overseas please check sales tax and customs duties in your area.


Thanks to Steve Rowley for this demo

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